Affiliation/Organization: Corelan Team

Time to Patch Stats

For vulnerabilities disclosed through this affiliation where we have sufficient data to calculate the time to patch (29 vulns), the following statistics apply:

Min Time To Patch:1 days
Avg Time To Patch:29 days
Max Time To Patch:183 days

Other Affiliations

Creditees Affiliated with Corelan Team have also affiliated with:

Metasploit (1) (1)
Virtual Guardian (1)


Creditees currently or formerly associated with Corelan Team (17):
(ordered by association date)

Known SinceNameVulns Through Affiliation
2010-01-09Sébastien Duquette11
2013-10-02Bernhard Schildendorfer1

Disclosed Vulnerabilities (89):

Discl. DateOSVDB IDCVE IDCrediteesTitle
2013-10-02 98116 2013-5743 Bernhard Schildendorfer
Zabbix api_jsonrpc.php Multiple API Method SQL Injection
2013-10-02 98115 2013-5743 Lincoln
Zabbix Object Favoriting Unspecified SQL Injection
2011-04-30 72101 rick2600
MJM Core Player s3m File Handling Overflow
2011-04-30 72102 rick2600
MJM QuickPlayer s3m File Handling Overflow
2011-04-26 72063 Acidgen
MAGIX Music Maker mmm File Handling Overflow
2011-01-01 84553 corelanc0d3r
Microsoft Help & Support Center Path Subversion Arbitrary DLL Injection Code Execution
2010-12-31 79099 corelanc0d3r
Adobe Fireworks Path Subversion Arbitrary DLL Injection Code Execution
2010-12-04 97830 Lincoln
ActiveXperts ASmsCtrl.dll ActiveX Activate() Function Stack Buffer Overflow
2010-11-13 68648 Sud0
Foxit Reader Crafted PDF File Title Handling Overflow
2010-10-30 68965 chap0
XEROX 4595 Copier/Printer URL String Handling DoS
2010-10-25 97828 ekse
WebcamXP login.html Redir Parameter Reflected XSS
2010-10-15 68639 corelanc0d3r
FTPShell Client PWD Response Handling Overflow
2010-10-15 97826 myne-us
Access Enforcer Firewall login.php page Parameter Reflected XSS
2010-10-15 97825 myne-us
Access Enforcer Firewall Unspecified Cookie HttpOnly Flag Weakness
2010-10-14 68640 corelanc0d3r
LeapFTP LIST Response Filename Parsing Overflow
2010-10-14 68641 nullthreat
Gekko Manager FTP Server LIST Response Overflow
2010-10-12 68701 corelanc0d3r
Aasync LIST Command Response Filename Handling Overflow
2010-10-12 68703 fancy
32bit FTP Client LIST Command Response Filename Handling Overflow
2010-10-12 68714 corelanc0d3r
FTPPad Crafted LIST Command Server Response Remote Overflow
2010-10-12 94556 corelanc0d3r
Seagull FTP Client LIST Command Response File/Folder Name Handling Stack Buffer Overflow
2010-10-12 94555 nullthreat
FileWrangler LIST Command Handling Stack Buffer Overflow
2010-10-12 68824 rick2600
Odin Secure FTP Expert Server Crafted LIST Response Handling Overflow
2010-10-08 68514 p4r4noid
Nuance PDF Reader /Launch Field Overflow
2010-09-07 67909 Lincoln
Integard Administration Page Password Field Overflow
2010-08-10 67027 Sud0
SopCast WebPlayer sopocx.ocx ActiveX sop:// URL ChannelName Property Overflow
2010-07-16 66440 MarkotT
actiTIME User Account Creation CSRF
2010-07-13 66354 2010-2370 MarkotT
Oracle Fusion Middleware Business Process Management Component Unspecified Remote Issue (2010-2370)
2010-07-07 98391 chap0
Hero DVD Player URL Handling Overflow
2010-06-28 65844 MarkotT
MemDB Products HTTP Host Header Overflow
2010-06-28 81161 chap0
GSM SIM Utility SMS File Handling Overflow
2010-06-25 98388 TecR0c
FieldNotes Malformed Map (.dxf) Handling Stack Overflow
2010-06-12 65540 2010-2310 nullthreat
SolarWinds TFTP Server Write Request Handling DoS
2010-06-12 98387 chap0
CP3 Studio cp3 File Handling Stack Overflow DoS
2010-06-11 65482 2010-2311 Sud0
Power Tab Editor PTB File Handling Overflow
2010-06-11 65539 2010-2305 Lincoln
Symantec Sygate Personal Firewall SSHelper.dll ActiveX SetRegString Method Overflow
2010-06-07 65256 2010-2343 chap0
D.R. Software Audio Converter PLS File Handling Overflow
2010-05-31 98386 sinn3r
Xftp Filename Handling Buffer Overflow
2010-05-31 98385 TecR0c
ZipExplorer Malformed Data Handling Memory Corruption DoS
2010-05-30 98384 sinn3r
IP2Location IP2Location.dll ActiveX Initialize() Function Buffer Overflow
2010-05-25 98424 MarkotT
Easy Address Book Web Server users_admin.ghp Arbitrary Admin User Creation CSRF
2010-05-21 64845 2010-2115 nullthreat
SolarWinds TFTP Server Read Request Handling DoS
2010-05-19 64752 2010-1688 Lincoln
SyncBack Profile Import SPS File Handling Overflow
2010-05-19 64839 Lincoln
ANSMTP SMTP Component ANSMTP.dll / AOSMTP.dll ActiveX AddAttachments() Function Overflow
2010-05-17 64718 mr_me
Magtrb MyNews index.php id Parameter SQL Injection
2010-05-17 64719 mr_me
Magtrb MyNews admin.php act Parameter XSS
2010-05-17 64720 mr_me
Magtrb MyNews index.php act Parameter Traversal Local File Inclusion
2010-05-16 98423 Sud0
ShellZip ZIP Filename Handling Stack Overflow
2010-05-05 64362 sinn3r
Ziepod RSS Feed Description Field XSS
2010-05-04 98421 mr_me
Beyond Compare ZIP Filename Handling Buffer Overflow
2010-05-01 64266 Sébastien Duquette
NolaPro example.php file Parameter XSS
2010-05-01 64265 Sébastien Duquette
NolaPro sidemenu.php menutitle Parameter XSS
2010-05-01 64262 Sébastien Duquette
NolaPro checkfile.php Local File Information Disclosure
2010-05-01 64214 Sébastien Duquette
NolaPro nporderitemremote.php linenum Parameter XSS
2010-04-30 64213 2010-1686 Lincoln
ABC Backup ZIP File Handling Overflow
2010-04-27 98420 mr_me
Big Ant Messenger AntCore.dll ActiveX RegisterCom() Function Stack Overflow
2010-04-25 64984 mr_me
Easyzip 2000 ZIP Archive Filename Handling Overflow
2010-04-24 64079 2010-1685 TecR0c
ZipWrangler ZIP File Handling Overflow
2010-04-23 64078 p4r4noid
CommView cv2k1.sys 2578h IOCTL Handling Local DoS
2010-04-21 63971 2010-1597 rick2600
ZipGenius InfoTip Shell Extension zgtips.dll ZIP Archive Handling Overflow
2010-04-20 63930 TecR0c
SpeedCommander Crafted ZIP File Handling Overflow
2010-04-19 63899 2010-1458 TecR0c
TweakFS Zip Utility ZIP Filename Handling Overflow
2010-04-19 63931 2010-1033 mr_me
HP Operations Manager on Windows SourceView ActiveX (srcvw32.dll / srcvw4.dll) LoadFile() Method Remote Overflow
2010-04-15 63810 Lincoln
Archive Searcher ZIP Archive Handling Overflow
2010-04-15 63923 mr_me
RPM Select / Elite Configuration File lfFaceName Element Local Overflow
2010-04-08 63744 2010-1316 Lincoln
Tembria Server Monitor Crafted HTTP Request Remote DoS
2010-04-06 65041 mr_me
Jzip .zip Filename Handling Local Overflow
2010-04-03 63540 mr_me
Zip Unzip ZIP File Handling Overflow
2010-04-03 63544 Lincoln
ZipScan ZIP File Handling Overflow
2010-03-31 63414 TecR0c
Optimal Archive OlArchive.dll ALStatus::SetError() Function ZIP File Handling Overflow
2010-03-22 63125 corelanc0d3r
Zipper ZIP File Handling Overflow
2010-03-16 63026 rick2600
Windisc BNZ File Handling Overflow
2010-03-15 63087 mr_me
Liquid XML Studio LtXmlComHelp8.UnicodeFile.1 ActiveX (LtXmlComHelp8.dll) OpenFile Method Overflow
2010-03-07 62781 corelanc0d3r
QuickZip Crafted ZIP File Handling Remote Overflow
2010-02-26 62580 2010-0688 mr_me
Orbital Viewer ORB File Handling Overflow
2010-02-08 62212 MarkotT
Gefest Web Home Server Unspecified Traversal Arbitrary File Access
2010-02-04 62177 2010-0614 Sébastien Duquette
evalSMSI ajax.php query Parameter SQL Injection
2010-02-04 62178 2010-0615 Sébastien Duquette
evalSMSI assess.php Comment Write XSS
2010-02-04 62180 2010-0616 Sébastien Duquette
evalSMSI Database Cleartext Password Disclosure
2010-02-04 64486 Sébastien Duquette
evalsmsi Plaintext Password Storage Weakness
2010-02-04 64897 sinn3r
Ipswitch IMail Registry Ownership Weakness
2010-02-04 64487 Sébastien Duquette
evalsmsi ajax.php Authentication Bypass
2010-02-04 64489 Sébastien Duquette
evalsmsi Report Comment Field XSS
2010-02-04 64898 sinn3r
Ipswitch IMail IMailsec.dll Password Decryption Algorithm Weakness
2010-01-27 61990 2010-0496 mr_me
Serversman Crafted HTTP Request Remote DoS
2010-01-19 64368 rick2600
S.O.M.P.L. Player M3U Playlist File Handling Overflow
2010-01-12 61671 corelanc0d3r
TurboFTP Server FTP Command DELE Parameter Remote Overflow DoS
2010-01-09 64398 Sébastien Duquette
Audiotran PLS File Handling Stack Buffer Overflow
2009-11-23 98408 rick2600
Magic Music Player M3U File Handling Buffer Overflow
2009-09-12 62599 2009-5141 corelanc0d3r
War FTP Daemon Multiple Command Format String DoS

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