Affiliation/Organization: SecuriTeam Secure Disclosure

Time to Patch Stats

For vulnerabilities disclosed through this affiliation where we have sufficient data to calculate the time to patch (2 vulns), the following statistics apply:

Min Time To Patch:35 days
Avg Time To Patch:106 days
Max Time To Patch:177 days

Other Affiliations

Creditees Affiliated with SecuriTeam Secure Disclosure have also affiliated with:

iDefense Labs (3)
Zero Day Initiative (ZDI) (2)
iDefense Labs VCP (2)
oCERT (1)
Infosec Institute (1)
Beyond Security's SecuriTeam Secure Disclosure (1)
via OSVDB (1)
Metasploit (1)
Defense Security Information Exchange (1)
Rapid7, LLC (1)
ITsec Security Services (1)
Yenteasy Security Research (1)
Cimation (1)
Vulnerability Research Laboratory (1)
TippingPoint DVLabs (1)
Packet Storm (1)
Securify (1)
iSIGHT Partners Global Vulnerability Partnership (1)
via Secunia (1)


Creditees currently or formerly associated with SecuriTeam Secure Disclosure (3):
(ordered by association date)

Known SinceNameVulns Through Affiliation
2010-07-13Yorick Koster1
2011-05-18Jose A. Vazquez1

Disclosed Vulnerabilities (9):

Discl. DateOSVDB IDCVE IDCrediteesTitle
2012-12-11 88315 2012-2539 Anonymous
Microsoft Office Word RTF listoverridecount Element Handling Remote Code Execution
2012-12-10 88347 2012-4348 Anonymous
Symantec Endpoint Protection Management Console Multiple Unspecified Script Remote Code Execution
2012-05-18 82023 2012-0297 Tenable Network Security
Symantec Web Gateway /spywall/releasenotes.php relfile Parameter Remote File Inclusion
2012-05-17 82024 2012-0298 Tenable Network Security
Symantec Web Gateway spywall/previewProxyError.php err Parameter Traversal Arbitrary File Access
2012-05-17 82025 2012-0299 Tenable Network Security
Symantec Web Gateway spywall/blocked_file.php File Upload Remote Command Execution
2012-04-30 83615 2012-3377 Anonymous
VLC Media Player modules/demux/ogg.c Ogg_DecodePacket() Function OGG File Handling Overflow
2011-05-18 72406 2011-2628 Jose A. Vazquez
Opera Frameset Construct Handling Memory Corruption
2010-11-02 68988 2010-3867 Anonymous
ProFTPD mod_site_misc Module Multiple Command Traversal Arbitrary File Manipulation
2010-07-13 66296 2010-0266 Yorick Koster
Microsoft Outlook SMB Attachment Handling Arbitrary Program Execution

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