Affiliation/Organization: Secunia

Time to Patch Stats

For vulnerabilities disclosed through this affiliation where we have sufficient data to calculate the time to patch (2 vulns), the following statistics apply:

Min Time To Patch:18 days
Avg Time To Patch:18 days
Max Time To Patch:18 days

Other Affiliations

Creditees Affiliated with Secunia have also affiliated with:

via Secunia (4)
Secunia Research (3)
Zero Day Initiative (ZDI) (2)
h07 (1)
MWR Labs/InfoSecurity (1)
iDefense Labs (1) (1)
Debian Security Audit Project (1)


Creditees currently or formerly associated with Secunia (13):
(ordered by association date)

Known SinceNameVulns Through Affiliation
2003-03-28Ulf Harnhammar4
2010-10-12Krystian Kloskowski1
2010-11-04Mehul Revankar3
2010-12-06Parvez Anwar1
2010-12-07Stefano Angaran3
2010-12-21Sow Ching Shiong18
2011-10-19Morten Bartvig4
2012-05-16Jon Butler2
2012-05-22Charlie Eriksen5
2012-06-20Hossein Lotfi (S0lute)2
2013-01-08ADLab, VenusTech1
2013-12-06Sudhanshu Chauhan1

Disclosed Vulnerabilities (47):

Discl. DateOSVDB IDCVE IDCrediteesTitle
2013-12-06 100842 2013-3929 Sudhanshu Chauhan
CMS Made Simple /admin/editevent.php handler Parameter XSS
2013-11-12 99646 2013-3940 Hossein Lotfi (S0lute)
Microsoft Windows Graphics Device Interface (GDI) WordPad Crafted Write File Handling Integer Overflow
2013-01-08 102685 2013-1376 ADLab, VenusTech
Adobe Reader / Acrobat Unspecified Buffer Overflow (2013-1376)
2012-06-21 83083 Charlie Eriksen
Nmedia MailChimp Plugin for WordPress wp-content/plugins/nmedia-mailchimp-widget/api_mailchimp/postToMailChimp.php abs_path Parameter XSS
2012-06-21 83084 Charlie Eriksen
Mac Photo Gallery Plugin for WordPress wp-content/plugins/mac-dock-gallery/macdownload.php albid Parameter Traversal Arbitrary File Access
2012-06-20 83097 2012-4045 Hossein Lotfi (S0lute)
Winamp bmp.w5s AVI File Multiple Data Type Handling Overflow
2012-06-20 83103 Charlie Eriksen
TheCartPress Plugin for WordPress wp-content/plugins/thecartpress/admin/PrintOrder.php Order Detail Information Disclosure
2012-05-22 82141 Charlie Eriksen
Profile Builder Plugin for WordPress front-end/wppb.recover.password.php key Parameter Arbitrary User Password Manipulation
2012-05-22 82142 Charlie Eriksen
Profile Builder Plugin for WordPress Multiple Unspecified Remote Issues
2012-05-16 81979 2012-2901 Jon Butler
Joomla Content Editor (JCE) for Joomla! administrator/index.php search Parameter XSS
2012-05-16 81980 2012-2902 Jon Butler
Joomla Content Editor (JCE) for Joomla! components/com_jce/editor/extensions/browser/file.php File Upload PHP Code Execution
2012-01-03 78100 Mehul Revankar
FuseTalk Multiple Script URI XSS
2012-01-03 78101 Mehul Revankar
FuseTalk forum/whoson.cfm letter Parameter XSS
2011-10-19 76603 Morten Bartvig
KaiBB index.php Referer HTTP Header XSS
2011-10-19 76604 Morten Bartvig
KaiBB acp/index.php Referer HTTP Header XSS
2011-10-19 76605 Morten Bartvig
KaiBB index.php checkbox Parameter SQL Injection
2011-10-19 76606 Morten Bartvig
KaiBB inc/function.php attachment Parameter Webform File Upload SQL Injection
2011-02-24 71117 2011-1102 Sow Ching Shiong
F-Secure Policy Manager Web Reporting Module Unspecified XSS
2011-02-24 71118 2011-1103 Sow Ching Shiong
F-Secure Policy Manager Web Reporting Module Invalid Report Access Path Disclosure
2011-02-07 70836 2011-0277 Sow Ching Shiong
HP Power Manager Multiple Unspecified Admin Function CSRF
2010-12-21 70186 Sow Ching Shiong
PrestaShop index.php URL XSS
2010-12-21 70187 Sow Ching Shiong
PrestaShop contact-form.php URL XSS
2010-12-21 70188 Sow Ching Shiong
PrestaShop sitemap.php URL XSS
2010-12-21 70189 Sow Ching Shiong
PrestaShop order.php URL XSS
2010-12-21 70190 Sow Ching Shiong
PrestaShop search.php URL XSS
2010-12-21 70191 Sow Ching Shiong
PrestaShop category.php URL XSS
2010-12-21 70192 Sow Ching Shiong
PrestaShop manufacturer.php URL XSS
2010-12-21 70193 Sow Ching Shiong
PrestaShop product.php URL XSS
2010-12-21 70194 Sow Ching Shiong
PrestaShop new-products.php URL XSS
2010-12-21 70195 Sow Ching Shiong
PrestaShop best-sales.php URL XSS
2010-12-21 70196 Sow Ching Shiong
PrestaShop prices-drop.php URL XSS
2010-12-21 70197 Sow Ching Shiong
PrestaShop supplier.php URL XSS
2010-12-21 70198 Sow Ching Shiong
PrestaShop authentication.php URL XSS
2010-12-21 70199 Sow Ching Shiong
PrestaShop password.php URL XSS
2010-12-21 70200 Sow Ching Shiong
PrestaShop 404.php URL XSS
2010-12-16 70289 BraniX
LuraWave PlugIn for IrfanView LWF Header Parsing Multiple Overflows
2010-12-16 70225 BraniX
LuraDocument Format PlugIn for IrfanView Crafted LDF File Handling Memory Corruption
2010-12-13 69793 2010-4827 Stefano Angaran
Snitz Forums 2000 members.asp M_NAME Parameter XSS
2010-12-13 69794 2010-4826 Stefano Angaran
Snitz Forums 2000 members.asp M_NAME Parameter SQL Injection
2010-12-07 69644 Stefano Angaran
XOOPS xNews Module modules/xnews/article.php URI XSS
2010-12-06 69636 Parvez Anwar
WebEx Meeting Manager WebexUCFObject ActiveX Path Subversion Arbitrary DLL Injection Code Execution
2010-11-04 69138 2010-4715 Mehul Revankar
Novell GroupWise Multiple Agent Unspecified Traversal Arbitrary File Access
2010-10-12 68549 2010-2746 Krystian Kloskowski
Microsoft Windows Common Control Library (comctl32.dll) Third-party SVG Content Handling Overflow
2003-03-28 49226 Ulf Harnhammar
SourceForge (alexandria) patch/index.php Upload Spoofing Arbitrary File Access
2003-03-28 49227 Ulf Harnhammar
SourceForge (alexandria) sendmessage.php Arbitrary Mail Relay
2003-03-28 49228 Ulf Harnhammar
SourceForge (alexandria) sendmessage.php CRLF Injection
2003-03-28 49229 Ulf Harnhammar
SourceForge (alexandria) Skills Profile Multiple Field XSS

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