Affiliation/Organization: Inshell

Time to Patch Stats

For vulnerabilities disclosed through this affiliation where we have sufficient data to calculate the time to patch (3 vulns), the following statistics apply:

Min Time To Patch:19 days
Avg Time To Patch:81 days
Max Time To Patch:113 days

Other Affiliations

Creditees Affiliated with Inshell have also affiliated with:

RCE Security (1)
Vulnerability Research Laboratory (1)
via Secunia (1)


Creditees currently or formerly associated with Inshell (1):
(ordered by association date)

Known SinceNameVulns Through Affiliation
2012-01-09Julien Ahrens23

Disclosed Vulnerabilities (23):

Discl. DateOSVDB IDCVE IDCrediteesTitle
2013-07-01 94741 2013-4695 Julien Ahrens
Winamp gen_ff.dll Multiple Key Value Handling Pointer Dereference Arbitrary Code Execution Weakness
2013-07-01 94740 2013-4694 Julien Ahrens
Winamp gen_jumpex.dll Skins Directory Name Handling Buffer Overflow
2013-07-01 94739 2013-4694 Julien Ahrens
Winamp ml_local.dll Winamp Library GUI Search Field Local Buffer Overflow Weakness
2013-03-19 91492 Julien Ahrens
Photodex ProShow Producer scsiaccess.exe Permission Weakness Local Privilege Escalation
2013-03-04 90830 2012-5200 Julien Ahrens
HP Intelligent Management Center topoContent.jsf opentopo_symbolid Parameter XSS
2013-02-23 90664 Julien Ahrens
Photodex ProShow Producer Multiple Library Path Subversion Arbitrary DLL Injection Code Execution
2013-02-16 90405 Julien Ahrens
Photodex ProShow Producer PShowCollectDialogProc() Function PXT File title Value Handling Stack Buffer Overflow
2013-02-14 90241 Julien Ahrens
Photodex ProShow Producer ColorPickerProc Function PXS File title Value Handling Memory Corruption
2013-01-26 89641 Julien Ahrens
Photodex ProShow Producer ExpandMacroFilename() Function cpicHelpFile Identifer String Handling Stack-Based Buffer Overflow
2013-01-14 89173 Julien Ahrens
Serva DNS Server QNAME Label Length Value Remote Denial of Service
2013-01-14 89172 Julien Ahrens
Serva HTTP Request Invalid String Position Unhandled Exception Remote Denial of Service
2012-11-20 87818 Julien Ahrens
FormatFactory Profile File Handling Overflow
2012-11-08 87253 Julien Ahrens
Zoner Photo Studio Zps.exe Registry Key Issuer Value Loading Local Overflow
2012-09-16 85788 Julien Ahrens
NCMedia Sound Editor Pro MRUList201202.dat File Handling Overflow
2012-08-24 85264 Julien Ahrens
Aoop CMS index.php Multiple Parameter SQL Injection
2012-08-24 85265 Julien Ahrens
Aoop CMS index.php Multiple Parameter XSS
2012-07-02 83523 Julien Ahrens
Photodex ProShow Producer Insecure Permission Application File Manipulation
2012-07-02 83745 Julien Ahrens
Photodex ProShow Producer Load File Handling Local Overflow
2012-05-31 82913 2012-3238 Julien Ahrens
Astaro Security Gateway Available Backup Display XSS
2012-05-01 81803 2012-3845 Julien Ahrens
LAN Messenger Initiation Request Parsing Remote DoS
2012-04-11 92952 Julien Ahrens
FileStream Turbo Browser turbob.exe Registry Value Handling Local Overflow
2012-02-21 80811 Julien Ahrens
DAMN Hash Calculator Local Overflow
2012-01-09 82478 2012-6042 Julien Ahrens
GPSMapEdit Malformed LST File Handling DoS

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