Affiliation/Organization: Ashiyane Digital Security Team

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Creditees currently or formerly associated with Ashiyane Digital Security Team (11):
(ordered by association date)

Known SinceNameVulns Through Affiliation
2013-08-07Hamid Zamani3
2014-04-19Milad Hacking1

Disclosed Vulnerabilities (46):

Discl. DateOSVDB IDCVE IDCrediteesTitle
2014-04-19 106125 Milad Hacking
JS External Link Info for WordPress redirect.php blog Parameter XSS
2014-03-11 104907 Mr.PERSIA
Global Flash Gallery Plugin for WordPress popup.php id Parameter SQL Injection
2014-01-20 102424 ACC3SS
Social Ring Plugin for WordPress share.php url Parameter Reflected XSS
2014-01-20 102423 T3rm!nat0r5
Global Flash Galleries Plugin for WordPress swfupload.php Unauthenticated Image Upload Weakness
2014-01-01 101822 Spoof
intouch Plugin for WordPress intouch.js.php intouch_failure Parameter Reflected XSS
2013-12-24 101487 2013-7276 ACC3SS
Recommend to a friend Plugin for Wordpress inc/raf_form.php current_url Parameter Reflected XSS
2013-12-09 100848 ACC3SS
Spider Video Player Plugin for WordPress /wp-content/plugins/player/settings.php s_v_player_id Parameter Reflected XSS
2013-12-09 100847 T3rm!nat0r5
TDO Mini Forms Plugin for WordPress /wp-content/plugins/tdo-mini-forms/tdomf-upload-inline.php File Upload Remote Code Execution
2013-12-09 100845 T3rm!nat0r5
HuskerPortfolio Plugin for WordPress /wp-content/plugins/huskerPortfolio/huskerPortfolio.php File Upload CSRF
2013-12-09 101583 ACC3SS
WP Realty Plugin for WordPress wp-content/plugins/wp-realty/index_ext.php listing_id Parameter Reflected XSS
2013-12-08 100878 T3rm!nat0r5
PhotoSmash Galleries Plugin for WordPress /wp-content/plugins/photosmash-galleries/bwbps-uploader.php File Upload Remote Code Execution
2013-12-06 100748 T3rm!nat0r5
Page Flip Image Gallery Plugin for WordPress /wp-content/plugins/page-flip-image-gallery/upload.php File Upload Remote Code Execution
2013-11-30 100575 ACC3SS
JS MultiHotel Plugin for WordPress wp-content/plugins/js-multihotel/includes/refreshDate.php roomid Parameter Reflected XSS
2013-11-26 100435 ACC3SS
Optinfirex Plugin for WordPress wp-content/plugins/optinfirex/lp/index.php id Parameter Reflected XSS
2013-11-26 100434 ACC3SS
Amerisale-Re Plugin for WordPress wp-content/plugins/amerisale-re/netriesdetail/upload.php edit Parameter Reflected XSS
2013-11-20 100030 2013-6936 ACC3SS
Ajax forum stat v2 (Ajaxfs) Plugin for MyBB ajaxfs.php tooltip Parameter SQL Injection
2013-10-26 99044 ACC3SS
jQuery Validation Plugin for jQuery /demo/captcha/index.php URI Reflected XSS
2013-10-20 98831 2013-6281 ACC3SS
Spreadsheet Plugin for WordPress /dhtmlxspreadsheet/codebase/spreadsheet.php page Parameter Reflected XSS
2013-10-09 98371 ACC3SS
Simple Flash Video Plugin for WordPress /wp-content/plugins/simple-flash-video/stats/ action Parameter XSS
2013-09-24 97768 ACC3SS
mb.miniAudioPlayer Plugin for WordPress maplayertinymce.php Multiple Parameter XSS
2013-09-24 97887 ACC3SS
Responsive Zoom In/Out Slider Plugin for WordPress add_banner.php name Parameter Stored XSS
2013-09-24 98078 ACC3SS
Sharebar Plugin for WordPress sharebar-admin.php page Parameter XSS
2013-09-24 99320 ACC3SS
LBG Zoom In/Out Effect Slider Plugin for WordPress /lbg_zoominoutslider/tpl/add_banner.php Unspecified XSS
2013-09-22 97662 2013-5961 ACC3SS
Lazy SEO Plugin for WordPress lazyseo.php File Upload Arbitrary Code Execution
2013-09-14 97457 2013-5963 Amirh03in
Simple Dropbox Upload Plugin for WordPress /simple-dropbox-upload-form/multi.php File Upload Arbitrary Code Execution
2013-09-13 97609 Amirh03in
MukioPlayer Plugin (mukioplayer4wp) for Wordpress get.php cid Parameter SQL Injection
2013-09-03 96941 ACC3SS
Rnet eShop _admin_login.asp n Parameter XSS
2013-09-03 96979 ACC3SS
Flo CMS /blog/index.asp archivem Parameter SQL Injection
2013-09-03 97010 ACC3SS
dBlog storico.asp m Parameter SQL Injection
2013-08-28 97007 ACC3SS
Blakord Portal search.asp Search Parameter Reflected XSS
2013-08-08 98075 hossein19123
Advanced Guestbook addentry.php File Upload Arbitrary Code Execution
2013-08-07 96504 2013-4258 Hamid Zamani
Network Audio System server/os/aulog.c osLogMsg Function Format String
2013-08-07 96500 2013-4256 Hamid Zamani
Network Audio System Multiple Buffer Overflows
2013-08-07 96503 2013-4257 Hamid Zamani
Network Audio System server/os/connection.c AmoebaConnectorThread Function Heap Overflow
2013-07-08 96743 T3rm!nat0r5
JS Restaurant Plugin for WordPress popup.php restuarant_id Parameter SQL Injection
2013-05-22 93581 Amirh03in
GRAND FlAGallery Plugin for WordPress /wp-content/plugins/flagallery-skins/compact_music_player/gallery.php playlist Parameter SQL Injection
2013-05-20 93564 Amirh03in
ProPlayer Plugin for WordPress playlist-controller.php id Parameter SQL Injection
2013-05-02 93046 Amirh03in
Beat Websites beats.php gid Parameter SQL Injection
2013-04-11 92264 2013-3532 Amirh03in
Spider Video Player Plugin for WordPress /wp-content/plugins/player/settings.php theme Parameter SQL Injection
2012-12-01 88295 Amirh03in
Zingiri Forum Plugin for WordPress /wp-content/plugins/zingiri-forum/mybb/memberlist.php language Parameter Arbitrary File Access
2012-11-26 87870 Amirh03in
Wp-ImageZoom Plugin for WordPress wp-content/plugins/wp-imagezoom/zoom.php id Parameter SQL Injection
2012-11-26 88454 sil3nt
Oberliga Theme for WordPress /wp-content/themes/oberliga_theme/ajax/team.php team Parameter SQL Injection
2012-11-25 88291 Amirh03in
CStar Design Theme for WordPress /wp-content/themes/cstardesign/swf/flashmo/flashmoXML.php id Parameter SQL Injection
2012-11-24 87866 sil3nt
Malmonation Theme for WordPress wp-content/themes/malmonation/debate.php id Parameter SQL Injection
2012-11-22 87839 sil3nt
Plg Novana Plugin for Wordpress wp-content/plugins/plg_novana/novana_detail.php id Parameter SQL Injection
2012-01-21 78455 2012-0932 HashoR
Lead Capture Page System admin/login.php message Parameter XSS

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