Creditee: Brett Moore

Known Contact Information:

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  • (as of 2010-02-09)

Known Affiliations:

Disclosed Vulnerabilities (15):

2010-02-09 62245 2010-0027 Microsoft Windows Shell Handler ShellExecute API Crafted URL Arbitrary Command Execution
2008-12-09 50613 2008-4259 Microsoft IE WebDAV Cached Content Request Parsing Overflow
2008-12-09 50580 2008-4255 Microsoft Visual Basic Animation ActiveX (mscomct2.ocx) AVI Parsing Memory Corruption
2008-09-09 47964 2008-3007 Microsoft Office OneNote Protocol Handler (onenote://) URI Handling Arbitrary Code Execution
2008-07-08 46771 2008-0107 Microsoft SQL Server Stored Backup File Processing Memory Corruption Arbitrary Code Execution
2008-05-14 45314 2008-2291 Symantec Altiris Deployment Solution Weakly Encrypted Domain Credential Remote Disclosure
2008-05-14 45313 2008-2286 Symantec Altiris Deployment Solution Client Come-alive Packet Multiple Field SQL Injection
2007-08-14 36396 2007-2216 Microsoft IE ActiveX tblinf32.dll Unspecified Arbitrary Code Execution
2007-02-13 31883 2006-3448 Microsoft Step-by-Step Interactive Training Bookmark Handling Remote Code Execution
2006-12-14 31896 2006-6617 Microsoft Project Server pdsrequest.asp GetInitializationData Request SQL Database Password Disclosure
2006-12-13 35950 2006-6578 Microsoft IIS IUSR_Machine Account Arbitrary Non-EXE Command Execution
2006-12-13 35962 2006-6579 Microsoft Windows XP Registry QHEADLES Permission Weakness
2006-07-11 27152 2006-0026 Microsoft Windows IIS ASP Page Processing Overflow
2004-07-14 7803 2003-1041 Microsoft Windows showHelp Arbitrary Code Execution
2004-04-13 5254 2003-0908 Microsoft Windows Utility Manager Privilege Escalation

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