Creditee: Aditya K Sood

Known Contact Information:

  • (as of 2010-10-13)

Known Affiliations:

Disclosed Vulnerabilities (7):

2010-10-13 70069 2010-2408 Oracle E-Business Suite iRecruitment OA_HTML/OA.jsp p_home_url Parameter Arbitrary Site Redirect
2010-09-13 68151 2010-3200 Microsoft Office Word MSO.dll Crafted Document Buffer NULL Dereference DoS
2009-03-16 53556 Google Chrome JavaScript Message Box Dialog String Handling DoS Weakness
2008-09-17 49586 2008-4127 Microsoft IE Mshtml.dll CDwnTaskExec::ThreadExec Function PNG File Handling DoS
2007-08-16 46935 Microsoft IE Pop Up Blocker Multiple Issues
2007-07-01 45814 2007-3550 Microsoft IE Arbitrary Website Zone Addition Domain Supression DoS
2007-06-18 41024 Microsoft IE Cross Zone Domain Resolution Weakness

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