Creditee: Adam Baldwin

Known Contact Information:

  • (as of 2009-08-08)
  • (as of 2012-06-28)

Known Affiliations:

Disclosed Vulnerabilities (15):

2014-03-06 105997 node-printer lib/printer.js printDirect() Function Arbitrary Command Execution
2012-06-28 83994 ZTE 890L goform/dhcp_list_cmd nick_name Parameter XSS
2012-06-28 83984 ZTE 890L SMS Message XSS
2012-06-28 83985 ZTE 890L Multiple Function CSRF
2012-06-28 83986 ZTE 890L Cookie Login Value Manipulation Admin Authentication Bypass
2010-12-22 70159 2010-4534 Django django.contrib.admin Admin Interface query String Information Disclosure
2010-08-07 67081 Nagios XI Admin Password Manipulation CSRF
2010-06-18 65721 JForum username Parameter XSS
2010-06-18 65722 JForum Bookmark Function Multiple Parameter XSS
2010-06-09 65290 2010-2290 McAfee UTM Firewall /cgi-bin/cgix/help page Parameter XSS
2010-01-14 61804 2010-0712 Zenoss Core zport/dmd/Events/getJSONEventsInfo Multiple Parameter SQL Injection
2010-01-14 61805 2010-0713 Zenoss Core Admin Password Manipulation CSRF
2009-08-08 57104 Spiceworks /search query Parameter XSS
2009-08-08 57106 Spiceworks Admin Password Manipulation CSRF
2008-12-15 84081 Heartlab Encompass Web PACS SessionStart.asp Authentication Bypass

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