Creditee: 0a29406d9794e4f9b30b3c5d6702c708

Known Contact Information:

  • (as of 2011-11-23)

Known Affiliations:

  • None at this time

Disclosed Vulnerabilities (17):

2014-04-02 105358 NCCGroup EasyDA Multiple /tmp File Local Symlink File Overwrite
2012-07-16 86822 Metasploit pcap_log Plugin Temporary File Symlink Arbitrary File Overwrite
2012-06-04 82998 Nagios XI includes/components/graphexplorer/visApi.php div Parameter XSS
2012-06-04 82999 Nagios XI nagiosxi/perfgraphs/index.php view Parameter XSS
2011-12-14 77770 Nagios XI includes/components/xicore/status.php Multiple Parameter XSS
2011-12-07 77764 Nagios XI html/includes/ get_window_frame_url() Function xiwindow Parameter XSS
2011-12-07 77765 Nagios XI reports/alertheatmap.php Multiple Parameter XSS
2011-12-07 77766 Nagios XI reports/notifications.php Multiple Parameter XSS
2011-12-07 77767 Nagios XI reports/statehistory.php Multiple Parameter XSS
2011-12-07 77768 Nagios XI reports/histogram.php service Parameter XSS
2011-12-07 77769 Nagios XI Temporary File Symlink Arbitrary File Overwrite
2011-11-23 77396 2011-5184 HP Network Node Manager i nnm/mibdiscover node Parameter XSS
2011-11-23 77397 2011-5184 HP Network Node Manager i nnm/protected/configurationpoll.jsp nodename Parameter XSS
2011-11-23 77398 2011-5184 HP Network Node Manager i nnm/protected/ping.jsp nodename Parameter XSS
2011-11-23 77399 2011-5184 HP Network Node Manager i nnm/protected/statuspoll.jsp nodename Parameter XSS
2011-11-23 77400 2011-5184 HP Network Node Manager i nnm/protected/traceroute.jsp nodename Parameter XSS
2011-11-23 77401 2011-5184 HP Network Node Manager i nmm/validate field Parameter XSS

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