Creditee: coolkaveh

Known Contact Information:

  • (as of 2012-08-31)
  • (as of 2012-11-12)

Known Affiliations:

  • None at this time

Disclosed Vulnerabilities (12):

2012-12-17 88695 Adobe Flash Player FLV File Handling Memory Corruption
2012-12-16 88610 Totem Movie Player AVI File Handling Divide-By-Zero DoS
2012-11-21 87831 Adobe Reader JP2KLib Library Memory Corruption
2012-11-21 88812 Adobe Reader CoolType Library Memory Corruption
2012-11-20 87819 Microsoft Office OneNote File Handling Memory Corruption
2012-11-12 88811 Microsoft Visio VSD File Parsing Memory Corruption
2012-11-09 87255 Microsoft Office Excel XLS File Handling Memory Corruption
2012-11-04 87086 Adobe Reader PDF File Handling Stack Overflow DoS
2012-10-24 86691 Apple QuickTime Player MOV File Handling DoS
2012-10-22 86771 RealPlayer 3GP File Handling Memory Corruption
2012-10-01 86990 Foxit Reader PDF File Handling Divide-by-zero DoS
2012-08-31 85934 WarFTPd Username Handling Remote Format String DoS

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