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Disclosed Vulnerabilities (9):

2013-09-14 97457 2013-5963 Simple Dropbox Upload Plugin for WordPress /simple-dropbox-upload-form/multi.php File Upload Arbitrary Code Execution
2013-09-13 97609 MukioPlayer Plugin (mukioplayer4wp) for Wordpress get.php cid Parameter SQL Injection
2013-05-22 93581 GRAND FlAGallery Plugin for WordPress /wp-content/plugins/flagallery-skins/compact_music_player/gallery.php playlist Parameter SQL Injection
2013-05-20 93564 ProPlayer Plugin for WordPress playlist-controller.php id Parameter SQL Injection
2013-05-02 93046 Beat Websites beats.php gid Parameter SQL Injection
2013-04-11 92264 2013-3532 Spider Video Player Plugin for WordPress /wp-content/plugins/player/settings.php theme Parameter SQL Injection
2012-12-01 88295 Zingiri Forum Plugin for WordPress /wp-content/plugins/zingiri-forum/mybb/memberlist.php language Parameter Arbitrary File Access
2012-11-26 87870 Wp-ImageZoom Plugin for WordPress wp-content/plugins/wp-imagezoom/zoom.php id Parameter SQL Injection
2012-11-25 88291 CStar Design Theme for WordPress /wp-content/themes/cstardesign/swf/flashmo/flashmoXML.php id Parameter SQL Injection

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