The GNOME Project

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Vulnerabilities by Vendor Product

The GNOME Project

The GNOME Project
GNOME Watch-list
OSVDB ID: 85330 GNOME at-spi2-atk atk-adaptor/bridge.c register_application Function Temporary File Name Prediction Weakness
OSVDB ID: 85890 GNOME gnome-shell Crafted Web Page Plugin Arbitrary Extension Installation
OSVDB ID: 89549 GNOME at-spi Unmasked Password Field Cleartext Credential Disclosure
OSVDB ID: 89551 GNOME clutter Unmasked Password Field Cleartext Credential Disclosure
OSVDB ID: 89951 GNOME gnome-keyring gnome_keyring_lock_all_sync() Function Keyring Locking Weakness
OSVDB ID: 94146 GNOME libtracker-miner tracker-indexing-tree.c TrackerIndexingTree Filter Rule Handling Stack Corruption
OSVDB ID: 94424 GNOME Shell Resume Function Unspecified Bypass
Commander Watch-list
OSVDB ID: 91921 GNOME Commander (gcmd) ./gnome-commander/connections Plaintext Local Password Disclosure
GNOME Display Manager Watch-list
OSVDB ID: 102544 GNOME Display Manager (GDM) Login Cancelling DoS Weakness
f-spot Watch-list
OSVDB ID: 90272 GNOME f-spot Accounts.xml Plaintext Local Credential Disclosure
Epiphany Watch-list
OSVDB ID: 88599 Epiphany CSS :visited Pseudo-class Element Browser History Disclosure
OSVDB ID: 91917 Epiphany Background Connection SSL Certificate Validation MitM Spoofing Weakness
OSVDB ID: 94453 Epiphany Crafted Web Content file:/// URI Handling Arbitrary File Access
Almanah Diary Watch-list
OSVDB ID: 91253 GNOME Almanah Diary Database Session Termination Unencrypted Local Disclosure
OSVDB ID: 91253 GNOME Almanah Diary Database Session Termination Unencrypted Local Disclosure
gksu-polkit Watch-list
OSVDB ID: 88431 gksu-polkit PolicyKit Configuration Permission Weakness Local Privilege Escalation
gdk-pixbuf Watch-list
OSVDB ID: 81924 gdk-pixbuf io-xbm.c read_bitmap_file_data() Function Image Dimension XBM File Handling Remote Overflow
Evolution Watch-list
OSVDB ID: 91170 Evolution mailto: URL Handler Attachment Parameter Arbitrary File Access
Evince Watch-list
OSVDB ID: 70300 Evince backend/dvi/mdvi-lib/pk.c pk_load_font() Function Array Indexing Memory Corruption
OSVDB ID: 70301 Evince backend/dvi/mdvi-lib/vf.c vf_load_font() Function Array Indexing Memory Corruption
OSVDB ID: 70302 t1lib backend/dvi/mdvi-lib/afmparse.c token() Function Overflow
OSVDB ID: 70303 Evince backend/dvi/mdvi-lib/tfmfile.c tfm_load_file() Function Overflow

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